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Employer Branding

All organisations have an employer brand, whether consciously, actively developed or not.
Human capital management remains a top priority for all types of businesses – the evidence indicates having top talent can yield double-digit investment savings and growth by accelerating transformation processes by as much as 40%.   Strong, strategic employer branding allows for flexibility to target key employee groups (high performers, critical skills team-members,  high potentials etc).  Making it easier (and far cheaper!) for organisations to attract, and recruit quality people; to build talent pools and engage with their own people at the same time.

What we do

  • A comprehensive recruiting strategythat positions the company in an attractive place at the top of mind for potential candidates.
  • A focused corporate message that speaks to current and potential employees that convey’s the client company culture and identity. It is a truthful and compelling message.
  • A long-term visionthat encompasses the values, systems, policies and behaviors that define what employers expect of their employees and what employees expect of their employers

What Employer Branding is NOT:

  • An advertising campaign:Employer branding is more than just developing a catchy tagline.
  • A wish listof how the company would like to be perceived. If the client company doesn’t have programs in place, the message will not be credible.
  • A quick fix: It is tempting to create a quick ad campaign to generate a rush of new applicants, but you must also deliver on promises or else retention will become another challenge. Organizational culture must be nurtured over time.

So are you creating Brand Love?

We at iQuest have firm belief in the new age as the age of the Job-as-a-Product. When experienced consumer brand consultants from marketing behemoths move their focal point to Talent – magic happens! Come witness the magic and see us create Brand Love for your prospective hires.

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