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Strategic Talent Acquisition

Recruitment is about filling vacancies. Talent acquisition is an ongoing strategy to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for your company. Talent acquisition tends to focus on long-term human resources planning and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a very specific skillset.
Today’s talent acquisition is increasingly complex. The function requires numerous tools and skills that is further complicated by the accelerated pace of technology and ever-changing candidate expectations.

Strategic is long-term. Always.

Taking the long term strategic approach to talent acquisition has a huge impact on how an approach is made to a candidate. If the approach is purely tactical in nature, all we ask of the prospective candidate is “are you qualified and interested?” However, if the approach is more strategic in nature, the intent of the call is to go much further, and the conversation becomes more relationship building. The candidate has an opportunity to explain his/her future career aspirations, and the recruiter gathers enough information to determine if there is a potential fit in the client organization.

It’s a long haul with exponential gains

While recruitment remains an important activity to fill immediate vacancies, talent acquisition is a long-term strategy to make hiring more efficient and more productive. Newcomers will be attracted to your company as a great place to work, and the company will thrive. Human resources can be one of the drivers of corporate success, an integral part of the team propelling your company to growth.

Talent acquisition takes more time up-front, but in the end it will help you build the best possible team for your company

Our commitment to you does not end when we place a candidate. Success is not simply the placement but rather the long-term business impact a great leader can have. Our Accelerated Integration program goes far beyond onboarding by fully immersing the new hire into your business, team dynamics, and culture to get leaders off to their best start. As the journey continues, we can help to unlock the potential in individuals, teams, and organizations.

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